August 11, 2009

About Karuna Law

Compassion and wisdom taking action

Our Oregon plaintiffs’ law firm is dedicated to representing people in difficult and challenging personal injury and wrongful death claims. We consider cases involving defective products, dangerous premises, medical and veterinary negligence and malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, dog bites, and other personal injury matters.

Our law practice is small and personal, yet we have the resources to handle large and complex cases. As a private public interest law firm, we are a for profit association of lawyers like any other private law firm. But our primary mission is to assist underrepresented people and causes rather than to make money. Our goal is to use the law to speak for those whose voices we believe most need to be heard. We help people hurt by negligence or wrongful conduct, and we stand up for animals against those who would harm them or the places where they live. We are committed to delivering the results that you and your family need after devastating injuries and to relieving the suffering of humans and nonhumans alike.

Karuna means compassion in the sense of a willingness to bear the pain of others. It is an ability to be empathetic to suffering without fear and a responsibility to create happiness and its causes. As personal injury lawyers and attorneys for animals and endangered species, we couple our compassion with wisdom-based action through the civil justice system. Our work in seeking the truth for our clients and holding wrongdoers accountable can relieve suffering and create positive change in corporate and governmental behavior that benefits everyone.

Our Portland injury lawyers focus on helping seriously injured and disabled people. Our animal law attorneys are experienced in legal issues of many kinds involving animals. We also work in state and federal courts to protect endangered species and their habitats.