September 12, 2009

Advice for law students and future animal lawyers

Animal Law professor Delcianna Winders of Farm Sanctuary has some helpful advice for law students aspiring to become animal lawyers. If you’re a 1L just finishing up their first couple of weeks of a new academic year, you might be overwhelmed with worrying about whether it’s too soon to start outlining (it is) to think much about your future as an animal advocate. But head over and check out her post anyway.

File it in the back of your mind, and take it out again after you finish your first semester exams. By then, you’ll have conquered the fear that comes with becoming a law student. You’ll be ready to start thinking about what you might like to do during the summer before your 2L year.

As a Portland, Oregon animal law attorney, I can tell you first hand that Animal Law is still a growing practice area. Your law school’s career services office might not know where to send you. But if you came to law school because you can’t stand what people do to animals, you won’t let that stop you. Professor Winders has some great ideas about what you can do in her post. There are internships and other opportunities out there with animal rights and advocacy groups doing important work. And if you’d like more ideas, feel free to contact the Law Office of Dane E. Johnson.

Best of luck for a successful first year. Animals need people like you.

The Law Office of Dane E. Johnson is an Oregon animal law and personal injury law firm ready to assist with all animal-related legal issues. Please contact us at (503) 975-8298 or visit our website.

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