November 28, 2011

Oregon Animal Law Attorney Dane E. Johnson Quoted in Portland Tribune Article on Animals and Legal Rights

Animal law attorney Dane Johnson was quoted in the November 24, 2011, issue of the Portland Tribune in an article titled “New Law School Program Unleashes Animal Rights.” The article discusses recent additions to the animal law program at Lewis and Clark Law School’s Center for Animal Law Studies.

The article, which also included interviews with professor Steven M. Wise, founder of the Nonhuman Rights Project, focused on achieving legal personhood for at least some animals, such as higher primates or marine mammals. Johnson described the challenges that these and all animals face under a legal system that generally considers them mere property. He noted, however, that law’s perception of animals must eventually change from a view that contrasts sharply with the reality of how animals are increasingly understood and appreciated. His comments were echoed by those by professor Pamela Frasch, whom the article quoted as explaining that “the law is lagging behind what science is telling us.”

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