December 14, 2011

Oregon Animal Law Attorney: Cheers to Firefighters for Saving Deer from Icy Pond

Our Portland animal law firm salutes Banks and Forest Grove Oregon firefighters for their compassionate efforts to rescue a deer from an old mill pond. The animal wandered across thinning ice and broke through near the middle of the body of water. The Oregonian reported that the deer, a Black-tailed doe, was lethargic with ice built up around her snout.

Firefighters used a rescue boat to break the ice and open a path for the deer to get out of the water. She then swam to the bank, where she rested before walking back into woods surrounding the pond. A fire official was quoted as saying that “the fire district isn’t really equipped for ice rescues, but the firefighters wanted to save the animal.” We are proud of those heroes for their selfless work in general, and especially for extending their compassion to a nonhuman animal.

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Rebecca Woolington, Forest Grove and Banks Firefighters Rescue Deer from Icy Pond, Oregonian, Dec. 14, 2011.

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