June 5, 2013

Endangered Species

Oregon Wildlife and Environmental Protection Attorneys

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) protects species whose survival is recognized (listed) as endangered or threatened. The ESA is the basis for federal protection of threatened wildlife, fish, insects, and plants. Oregon’s Endangered Species Act (ORS 496.171 to 496.192 and 498.026) applies to all native species listed under the federal ESA as of May 15, 1987, plus any additional native species determined by the appropriate state agency to be in danger of extinction throughout any significant portion of its range within the state.

Karuna Law takes legal action to secure Endangered Species Act protection for these nonhuman species, as well as critical habitat for their survival. Our mission includes both litigation and non-litigation advocacy aimed at the preservation and restoration of the planet that we share.

As a private public interest law firm, we provide legal services and advocacy at low rates or on a statutory fee basis for non-profit organizations working toward species or habitat protection and conservation by challenging habitat conservation plans or unlawful take of endangered species.